Pumpkaboo by request

Pumpkaboo by request

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this outfit reminds me of the little mermaid

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Title: listen to kirby pretend to be a robot


what is tori
we just don’t know

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im pretty sure that is the only picture of me in pants on the whole entire internet

MY HOMEWORK FOR THE NIGHT IS DONE joining the sleepy warm and tough club  

(also this is my hair in its natural poodle head state)

evyerone on the whole earth


Be quiet

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*listens to totoro medley while working on comp sci program* I CAN DO THIS

Anonymous said: Everytime you post I selfie Ithink: "it's like someone picked an anime character and made it real! ;v;"

(*/////v/////*) you are so sweet im so flattered ahhhhh thank you !!!